Tria Is The Age-Defying Laser You Can Use At Home

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Tria Beauty Age-Defying Laser costs $495, but it can save you thousands of expensive professional treatments.

The technology: This is a hand-held non-ablative fractional laser, meaning it doesn’t vaporize a whole layer of tissue (unlike ablative machines used by professionals, which require downtime–meaning time spent hiding indoors until your skin looks presentable again). The device uses targeted beams of light to stimulate the natural cell renewal cycle in order to generate collagen. This kick-starts the skin’s self-repair process, resulting in fresh, new cells, with diminished fine lines and wrinkles as well as less noticeable age spots.

The pro’s opinion: According to Dr. Andrei Metelitsa, dermatologist and medical co-director of the Institute for Skin Advancement in Calgary, this mimics office-based non-ablative fractional technology, and can improve overall skin appearance, reduce wrinkling and diminish pigmentation. But the benefits will take a while to show up: “Visible results [are] most apparent after several months of use,” he says.


The how-to tips: First, wash your skin well, since oil, makeup and other gunk can block the light. Treat your face evenly (go zone by zone–instructions are included), and just once nightly for eight weeks. Then take a four-week break so skin can regenerate before you repeat the eight-week cycle. You can continue this on-then-off pattern for as long as you want.

Mild discomfort or a prickly sensation is normal, but you should not feel pain. Some people also experience temporary redness and slight swelling during or immediately after treatment, so start with the “low” intensity setting until your skin gets accustomed to the laser. It’s essential to use sunscreen during the eight-week period of laser treatment, warns Carroll: Having a tan can affect how the light is absorbed. Plus, once your dark spots have faded, you don’t want UV damage to bring them back.

If you’ve tried the Tria, please let us know your feedback!

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