37 Incredible Things We Watched Katy Perry Do On Her Livestream

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96 hours of straight Katy Perry.

In case you didn’t know, Katy Perry holed herself up in a Big Brother–style house for four days straight to promote her new album, Witness.

Those 96 hours provided visits from famous friends, yoga, sleeping, Zen-like mediations, Jim-from-The-Office-like looks to camera…for someone who’s “Wide Awake,” she sure did sleep a lot! Anyway, a lot happened over the span of four days of being filmed nonstop, and it’s worth keeping track of all the fun things the world saw Katy Perry do.

Witness World Wide / hairsandfashion.tumblr.com



Witness World Wide / Via theshitneyspears.co.vu

Admit that she wrote a song about Josh Groban.

Admit that she wrote a song about Josh Groban.

Witness World Wide / youtube.com

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